Friday, October 12, 2012

The Gnol of the Jackalnapes

The Gnol of the Jackalnapes
Bobby Derie

Spinach Vrba followed a path of rose petals up into zher boudoir, where Catsup was waiting. The red-lit lights were on, cast strange shadows over the bed and tussled sheet, and from the hidden speakers boomed the steady build of the wire music. Spinach felt the hair rise on zher arms.

Then Catsup strode out from the ink-red shadows, bubbicles dappled with freckled, slinky cloth displaying zher soft curves. Zhe swished and swayed to the booming plectrum-plucks, sashaying softly before grabbing Spinach by the pants and pulling zher into bed.

Vrba pulled off zher shirt, feeling the cool sweat already on zher ribs, but Catsup shoved zherself down to grab the clitterock, and pulled zher in for a kiss. Mandiflanges tangled in the cuntiform vocaboxes, playing over inner and outer lips, fork-licked the nubble bumps and tasted the tangy juices. Together they grabbed and pulled and caressed each other’s turgid nips, then pressed each other breast-to-breast, Catsup’s swoll flaggid lumps crushed against the tender titicles of zher lover.

With mounting frenzy zhe wrenched the pants and underthings down, to gain the throbbing tumescence and fasten her cungash upon it, drawing Vrba deep into zher depths. While thus engaged zher pleasantly plump ashcleave bounced in front of Spinach’s face, and zhe enjoyed the sight for a few moments, then moaned and began to abfelch the eager suckling orench, mandiflange probing those forbidden depths.

Zhe stayed like that for some time, sweat and saliva and sweet secretions dripping from crotch to chin, until Vrba reached zher peak, and unable to contain zherself released the jasm from zher penilect, and painted those plump cungash lips with salty pearls.

They rested then in that perfect moment, Vrba panting and spent with that wonderful aching emptiness, yet zhe knew that Catsup had not yet finished, and turned to resume zher ministrations…and then Catsup gave that dirty little smile that set Spinach’s ovaromb aflutter, and help up the phallikon.


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