Friday, December 18, 2015

Come in, Space Rangers!

Come in, Space Rangers!

This is Space Central Command.

The wars on Earth have ended. The world divided evenly between the freedom-loving Alliance, and the cold communist society of Union Republika. With peace has come prosperity, the advance of knowledge. With their electronic brains, men have begun to uncover the secrets of the universe, the primal technologies left on their planet by a strange race known only as the Elder Things. Power-crystals provide clean, endless power; and reverse-engineering of the ancient Power Wands of the Elder Things has given rise to an understanding of Azathoth radiation, which can bend space and time. A new breed of men have evolved to master these strange sciences, equipped with blazing superscience wands that manipulate the primal elements...and turned their eyes to the stars.

We were not alone.

Earth teems with life, but it is largely human life - billions on billions of people, living in the sky-cleaving metropolises that span the continents. Yet as their sleek silver rocket-ships span the aether with their space-warping Azathoth engines, humanity has come to realize it is not alone in this solar system - alien life lives on neighboring worlds. Mostly primitive, their civilizations and technologies lost or decadent, their worlds ripe with the raw materials so desperately needed on a crowded Earth. The Union Republika struck first, planting a colony on the Moon.

The race was on.

Yet humanity must be wary that its reach does not escape its grasp. For all its vast knowledge and power, man is still a race of explorers, braving the unknown dangers of these new-found worlds and their strange alien races. Ancient horrors may yet lurk in some forgotten ruin of the Elder Things, and space has already given a home to long-forgotten perils: pirates, criminals, exotic cults let by charismatic but neurotic self-proclaimed prophets, rogue scientists, titanic space-borne lifeforms that can only be described as monsters, and in the cold darkness of the outer solar system, the oppressive and frighteningly advanced armies of the Yuggothian Empire.

Now it is up to you.

You and the crew of your rocket-ship stand as part of the elite explorers: the Space Rangers. With your power-wands at full charge you can face any threat known to man - from the New Men of the Union Republika to the strange man-lizards of Venus and the squamous polyphoid tentacled Moonbeasts! Yet will it be enough against the unknown horrors of space? Will you help usher in the glory of a new age - or succumb to Space Madness?

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