Friday, November 11, 2016

B. T.: Before Texas

B. T.: Before Texas
Bobby Derie

"Did I ever tell you how Texas was founded?" 

She took the pipe out of her mouth and knocked the ashes against the side of the porch.

"The stars threw down their spears, and landed in an empty land of hills that rolled gently down to the sea. They walked it all over, and found there was a river they could not cross, and followed it down to an ocean they could not swim, up past swamps they could not penetrate, and finally to an endless plain of grass that stopped them as dead as if they had run into a wall. A light came down, all wings and veils and burning wheels, and said sorrowfully that the war was over, and the losers could never again enter heaven. So the wanderers looked very sad for a few moments, and then said that they were sorry to hear it, but that they were good sports and the losers were welcome to visit whenever they wanted."

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